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TDR: 14900342
Location: Rajasthan - India
Tender Value: 2.50 Lakhs

Supply Of Fumigation Machine Live

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TDR: 14867363
Location: Delhi - India
Tender Value: Ref. Document

Supply Of Group 20-Nc Forensic Medicine Dept Non-Cons Equip 1 Automatic Hand Rub Dispenser Should Be Adjustbale Quantity Of Dispensing Liquid From 0.5Ml To 6Ml Can Accommodate 1 Liter Of Bottle Of Disinfectant And Operated Through Aa Batteries Sounit Can Be Hanged Anywhere On The Wall, Display And Adjustable Buttons Should Be In The Front Of Unit, Should Be Operated Through One Push Button To Refill The Disinfectant Solution. 2 Autopsy Kit With Standard 28 Articles 3 Adult Stainless Steel Rest 4 Full Size Wellingtons White Pvc Size 4-13 5 Bone Cutting Forceps Straight 9" 6 Lead Filled Army Pattern Mallet Outer Stainless Steel For Head Cutting 7 Rib Knife Plastic Handle Stainless Steel Blade 8 Hydrulic Body Carrier Should Eliminate Heavy Lifting , With Adjustable Nylon Straps And Locking Buckles. Max Load Upto 160 Kg 9 Organ Knife Plastic Handle Stainless Steel Blade L 254Mm 10 Separator Broad Float Model. Two Different Ends Makes It A Very Practical Instrument. 11 Environmental Decontamination System With Ulv Fogger Should Be Designed To Kill Bacteria, Viruses And Fungus In The Indoor Air. Should Eliminate Other Environmental Pollutants Like Particulate Matter And Voc Should Have Different Modules For Air Filtration, Air Decontamination, Fumigation Should Be Suitable For Areas Of > 30 Square Meter Air Filtration Module Should Have Multi-Stage Mechanical Particle Arrestors For Removing Particles With A Very High Efficiency. Should Have Nanophotocalytic Filter For Continuously Decomposing Vocs. Should Have Non Zeolite Based Dual Compound Chemisorption Filter For Removal Of Gaseous Pollutants Including Voc.It Should Have Maintenance Of Air Purification By 2 Uv Lamps Using Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation Technique For Maximum Efficacy. It Should Monitor The Uv Intensity Online & Indicate Uv Change Requirement Either Visually Or Acoustically.It Should Have A Continuous Real Time Online Monitoring Of Hepa Filter Which Should Give An Indication In Case Of Choking Breach Of Filter Integrity.The Air Flow Should Be Adjustable Between 430Cubic Meter/Hr To 200 Cubic Meter Per Hour. Should Be Made Of Non Conducting, Shock Proof Material Air Decontamination Module Should Use Flash Thermal Energy For Decontamination Of Air Should Not Use Any Toxic Chemical Like Ozone Or Disinfectants For Air Disinfection And Decontamination Should Be Fan Free & Chemical Free Fumigation Module Compatible With All Types Of Water Based Disinfectants Including Acidic, Alkaline, Oxidizing, Quaternary Ammonium Based, Peroxide And Silver Nitrate Combination.Produce Nearly Invisible Droplets Of Particle Size 0.1 -10 Microns.Suitable For 100 ~ 1,000 Square Feet Area.Made Of Corrosion Proof, Durable Body Made Of Heavy Duty Nylon Material.Ss316 Made Nozzle Pin Should Be Provided With A Stand With 360° Rotationhave An Integrated Air Intake Filtershould Have An Integrated Reservoir Filterthe Tank Should Be >6Lit Volume Disinfectant Level Should Be Visible In The Tank Timer Of 0~60 Minutes Should Be Integrated With The Fogger Bodyshould Be Supplied With A Rotational Stand Which Rotates 360° Live

Closing Date
Closing Date

TDR: 14806019
Location: Multi State - India
Tender Value: 1.75 Lakhs

Civil Repair Of Rg Area Of Embassy Residence Including Fumigation Of First And Second Floor, Live

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TDR: 14678689
Location: Uttar Pradesh - India
Tender Value: Ref. Document

Tender For Pest &Amp; Rodent Control Treatment And Fumigation In All Railway Coaches (Ac, Non-Ac,Pantry Car,Ins Live

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