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Central Railway New

TDR: 8025479
Location: Maharashtra - India
Tender Value: 20.41 Lakhs

Annual Fumigation(Fogging)Operations In Various Railway Colonies Based In Mumbai Division For Two Years

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Central Farm Machinery Training & Testing Institute Live

TDR: 8015882
Location: Uttar Pradesh - India
Tender Value: Ref. Document

Purchase Of Fumigation Cover

Closing Date
Closing Date

Cotton Corporation India Limited Close

TDR: 7996442
Location: West Bengal - India
Tender Value: Ref. Document

Offer For Appointment Of Custom House Agent Including Carrying Out Of Fumigation And International Inspection & Weighment Controller

Closing Date
Closing Date

Karnataka Cooperative Milk Producers Federation Limited Live

TDR: 7900119
Location: Karnataka - India
Tender Value: Ref. Document

Scope Of Work: I. Rodent Control Inside The Plant Building And Stores. A) Gum Glue Boards/Multi Catchwise Trap, Strategic Bait Control Or Such Appropriate Materials Shall Be Used. B) Rodent Bait Shall Be Used Only Outside The Buildings And In The Premises Of Mother Dairy. C) Trapped/Dead Rodents Shall Be Disposed Off Immediately Outside The Dairy Premises In Such A Way That It Does Not Cause Any Foul Odour Or Create Contamination In The Dairy Premises. D) Extensive Rodent Control By Way Of Different Methods- Cages, Glue Traps Shall Be Done In High Risk Areas Such As Finished Goods Stores. E) Bait Stations Shall Be Identified Suitably And Bait Map Shall Be Provided For Refererence Ii Control Of Flying And Crawling Insects. A) Suitable Sprays Which Are Safe And Non Hazardous To Food Shall Be Used And They Shall Not Affect The Existing Sensitive Environment. B) Preventive Control Shall Be Provided So That No Pesticide Chemical Spray Shall Be Used In The Production, Packing And Storage Areas. C) All The Equipments And Packing Machines Shall Also Be Covered Under The Control Of Flying And Crawling Insects Apart From Premises. D) Crawling Insects Managenement: Crawling Insects Such As Cock Roaches, Ants, Millipedes Etc. Including Spider Crawling Inside The Premises And Buildings Shall Be Suitably Controlled. Iii Fumigation: A) Fumigation Of Sachet Filling (Milk And Curd) Machines For Insects Like Cockroaches Etc Shall Be Done So As To Cover All The Machines Once In A Month. B) Fumigation Of Ghee Packing Machines Shall Be Done Once In A Month. C) Fumigation Shall Be Done For Butter, Ice Cream Deep Freezers, Cold Stores, Ante Rooms, Paneer Packing Room, Hardening Rooms, Panel Boards Of Icp Section , Powder Packing And Storage Rooms On Need Basis. D) Termite Treatment Of Wooden Pallets Shall Be Done On Need Basis. Iv None Of The Material/Chemicals Used For Pest Control Shall Contaminate Or Pose Any Hazard To Milk And Milk Products. Msds And Non-Toxicity Certificates Shall Be Provided For The Chemicals Used Based On Nabl Certified Laboratory Report. V. Thermal Fogging Treatment For Mosquito Control: Mother Dairy Premises Covering The Area Surroundings Of Effluent Treatment Plant, Finished Goods Stores, Powder Plant, Ice Cream Plant, Stores, Despatch Dock, Canteen, Administration Block, Staff Quarters On Need Basis. Vi. Personnel Shall Be Exclusively Stationed At Mother Dairy To Carry Out Pest Control Activity On Day To Day Basis Who Shall Take Confirmation From Concerned Section Heads For Having Carried Out The Pest Control Activity On Day To Day Basis And Maintain Record Of The Same. Pest Control Training Certificate For The Deputed Personnel Shall Be Provided.

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National Seeds Corporation Limited Close

TDR: 7898795
Location: Punjab - India
Tender Value: Ref. Document

Purchase Of Fumigation Covers-120 Gsm.

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